Shark Fishing in Tampa

Power Plants Heat up the Action!

Shark Fishing in Tampa Bay

Cold front after cold front have plunged the water temperatures in Tampa Bay into mid-50’s. This has caused most fish to seek warmth, and they do this by dropping into deep water or moving to one of Tampa Bay’s power plant outflows.

Lately, I’ve been catching trout, sheepshead, a few snook and redfish in deep-water canals under docks. However, the best action has been taking place in the power plant outflows. This warm water plum draws in pompano, mangrove snapper, trout, ladyfish, jacks, sharks, stingrays and a few cobia.
For pure excitement, I like to target the small coastal sharks that roam the warm waters of the outflow and it’s a simple undertaking. All you need are long shank 1/0 hooks and some shrimp. That’s right, shrimp. Sharks love shrimp!

Here’s what I do: First I locate one or two sharks and anchor your boat. Using my light-tackle inshore gear, I tie a long shank on my fluorocarbon leader. I don’t use wire leader, because I won’t get as many bites. The long shank hooks help to prevent cutoffs. Then using a light drag setting, I hook a shrimp under the horn, cast it out and place the rod in a rod holder and wait until the shark swims off with the bait before picking the rod up.

The longer I sit in one spot, the more sharks I will catch due to the scent of the shrimp drawing them in. I also break up some shrimp and chum the areas where I’m fishing.

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