The Afishionado 100 Snook Club Has New Members

The Afishionado 100 Snook Club

New Inductees into “The Afishionado 100 Snook Club.”

Back during the winter of 2015, I had four different charter clients who caught and released over 100 snook. The numbers were as follows: 112, 103, 123 and 110. After the first milestone, I established the Afishionado 100 Snook Club. Well, I’m happy to say that Pedro, Gus and Regan, topped the record with 125 on Friday, February 16.

This day started as any other. I woke at 4am to launch my boat before daybreak to go catch bait. At 10am, I picked up my New York client and his two 13-year-old twin boys and headed to my first snook spot. After four hours they landed 86 snook in that one location. As the action slowed, I suggested we move to another area, so they could “join the club.”

Once there, hungry snook surrounded the boat and the action continued. After they caught their 100th snook, I said, “let’s top 122.” The boys were all for it, even though their dad was ready to call it quits. Luckily, it took less than an hour to reach the 125 mark, then I pulled anchor so I could be back at port by 4pm.

This kind of action doesn’t happen every day, but when it does, there’s cause for celebration.


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Tampa Bay Summertime Fishing is HOT!

The mangrove snapper fishing is outstanding right now. Many of the Tampa Bay area rock piles, bridges and artificial reefs are loaded. With a 10-inch minimum and a five fish per person limit, it’s been easy for me to limit out, even when I have four to five anglers on board. While snapper fishing, we’re also catching large Spanish mackerel, trout, jack crevalle, ladyfish, bluefish and the occasional shark, cobia or tarpon.

The catch and lease snook fishing will continue to be brisk for the next six weeks. Snook are still spawning and most of the passes along our coast and bay bridges are stacked with snook. Snook season opens back up for harvest on September 1.

If you like blackened redfish, the best tide to locate a school is around a high tide. This time of year, redfish like to have a lot of water over their backs as they move across the flats. I usually don’t even start looking for redfish until a 2.0 incoming tide or higher. Catching redfish over 30 inches is common this time of year.

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