Another terrific day of memories for my family.

I wanted to thank you Wade for another terrific day of memories for my family on the water under your guidance last week. The kids really enjoy the time and talk fondly of all of the fish that they catch. Griffin talked about the one that got away and how he is sure that he would have made the snook album on the website if he had landed that one. Something to bring him back for more is what I told him. I even think Vanessa had a good time catching some fish, since she has never fished before.

I would also like to thank you for working with Kinley on her casting. She wants to do everything by herself and was happy that you took the time to help her achieve that. Once again I hope the fishing is strong this month since you are booked solid. Cole and Kinley have been checking the website to see if the family picture made the site. The photo on our camera turned out well. I would love for you to send me your copy when you get a chance. I almost forgot that the trout tasted amazing when we had them cooked up at The Wharf that Wednesday night.

Thanks again!

Geoff Mahan, Indianapolis, IN
April 6, 2010