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Summer Like Fishing Continues!

As we approach mid-November with the days now shorter, the water temperature is dropping, and fish are on the move. Fish are still on the grass flats, but as November ends fish will be moving into deeper water for warmth and will remain there until March. Typically, these areas are secluded with muddy bottoms protected […]


One of the most beneficial aspects of October is the water temperature starts falling back into the 70’s. This drop in temperature places fish in their comfort zone, so they tend to feed more aggressively. I refer to October as Red October because redfish are in the midst of their annual spawn and large schools […]

Shorter Days, Cooler Water, Better Fishing.

With fall just a month away, the fishing will continue to improve day by day. August has been a brutal month for fishing. The water temperature early on was hovering around 90-degrees, now it’s right at 88. Believe it or not, just a slight temperature drop makes a big difference in fish activity. Inconsistency has […]

Summer Fishing is Literally Hot!

The fishing for the remaining of summer doesn’t change very much. What does change however, are the tides. The water temperature right now is hovering around 90 degrees, so it’s important to fish during a strong moving tide. The reason for this is simple: A moving tide tends to cool the water a bit and […]

We couldn’t have handpicked a better Captain!

Wade saved the day! My sister-in-law booked a charter using Fishing Booker for her husband’s birthday. My wife and I were invited, so we all took the day off from work. One hour before our scheduled excursion, the captain cancelled our charter. Trying to salvage our day, we looked for Guide Services and found Wade. […]

Fall Fishing is Just Around the Corner!

Despite the lingering presence of red tide all along the coast from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs, Tampa Bay remains unaffected. Beach anglers continue to struggle to catch fish due to the ever-changing migration of the algae bloom. Low to high concentrations remain scattered throughout the region. The only way to stay on top of […]

The Fishing Continues to Excite in Upper Tampa Bay.

During the last couple of weeks, the fishing has been outstanding. Daily rains have lowered the water temperature and it may have even contributed to the disappearance of the red tide. The mangrove snapper fishing remains strong, and I expect it to last for another month or so. Some days, the snapper are outcompeting the […]

I highly recommend Captain Wade to everyone!

Captain Wade was AWESOME!!! My fiancé and I were in Tampa and looking for a last-minute fishing trip. Wade worked with us to get us scheduled before we had to leave. This was my first-time fishing on a boat, and it certainly did not disappoint! He was on time picking us up and already had […]

Tampa Bay Red Tide Fishing Update

All the local media hysteria reporting on the red tide issue and dead fish floating in Tampa Bay has many visitors and locals alike wondering if any fish survived the recent outbreak. I’m here to tell you, there has been little to no impact to the fishery in upper Tampa Bay. As a matter of […]


So, if you’re from out of state you’re probably wondering if the fishing is any good in upper Tampa Bay right now. Yes, it is! Back in March a leak from a Piney Point phosphate mining facility holding pond dumped 200+ million gallons of wastewater into lower Tampa Bay. For months, little to no environmental […]