a fish

Summer Like Fishing Continues!

Redfish remain on most grass flats.

As we approach mid-November with the days now shorter, the water temperature is dropping, and fish are on the move. Fish are still on the grass flats, but as November ends fish will be moving into deeper water for warmth and will remain there until March. Typically, these areas are secluded with muddy bottoms protected from the wind. These could be coves surrounded by mangroves or residential canals lined with million-dollar homes.

Not only do fish move off the flats soon, so does bait. Baitfish look for the warmth of deeper water also during the winter months. Catching bait can be, and usually is, the most challenging and time-consuming part of my day. There are quite a few fishing guides who buy their live bait now because they are too lazy to brave the cold and catch their own.

I do not buy my bait, because it is not possible to buy enough to ensure you have a successful day of fishing. I catch mine the old-fashioned way, and I like it, even though I spend hours doing so. When you board Afishionado, my live-well is full.

While the flats are active right now, next month will be a different story. Snook will be stacked up in those muddy bottom back bay areas. Redfish and seatrout will be in deep residential canals and along oyster-lined creek banks.

Afishionado awaits you, make your reservation today!

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