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Summer Fishing is Literally Hot!

Scott Temonia with a 38″ Tampa Bay snook that he caught recently in only two feet of water.

The fishing for the remaining of summer doesn’t change very much. What does change however, are the tides.

The water temperature right now is hovering around 90 degrees, so it’s important to fish during a strong moving tide. The reason for this is simple: A moving tide tends to cool the water a bit and fish are more active. It’s also important to start fishing early in the day. I’ve been catching bait at sunup and picking up my clients at 7:30AM. This allows anglers to fish during the cooler part of the day and get off the water before the daily afternoon thunderstorms move in.

The one consistent element you encounter while fishing during the summer is change. Every day is different. One day the snook fishing will be on fire and the next smoldering. Same with redfish. One day you will encounter a school of fish and the next day, just a few. Even on slow days though, there’s always something to catch. While this change may be constant, we do regularly catch mangrove snapper, Spanish mackerel, seatrout and sharks.

If you’ve never fished Tampa Bay before, call Afishionado for the experience of a lifetime.

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