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The Fish Are Stacked Up!

Winter Fishing Deep!

Now that cold fronts are finally passing through with regularity, the water temperature will begin to plummet. When this occurs, it’s time to fish deep.

As water temperatures drop on the flats, fish start a mass exodus. Baitfish are the fish to leave, followed by snook, redfish and trout. Everything is seeking the comforts of warmer water. “Where do they find it”? you may ask. Most fish prefer rivers, back bays, residential canals, and power plants.

On breezy days, I like to find a spot on the leeward side of mangroves, or way back in a canal out of the wind. These areas provide the warmer water conditions that fish are looking for. Another excellent spot is an area tucked out of the wind with a muddy bottom. Mud holds heat. Then there’s always the go-to spot, the power plant outflow.

Some people assume that the fishing isn’t that good during cooler months, but that’s simply not true. I’ve had some of my best days of fishing this time of year. When its cold out, fish don’t move around that much, so if you look in the right areas, you’ll find them stacked up.